Environment / energy

W. Dimer GmbH is very concerned about environmentally compatible production processes, the economical use of raw materials and the conservation of resources.

Recycling of waste / waste orientation 

Polyurethane foam waste is shredded and processed into a new raw material called compound foam in a special binding process. Waste is sorted according to materials to the greatest possible extent and transferred to the waste industry.

Power supply by photovoltaic system 

In 2013, a photovoltaic system with an overall output of 70kWp was installed on the roof of our new production and storage hall. The generated power is directly fed into our own mains thus convering a large part of our power requirements.


Biomass "wood chips" replace heating oil

Since 2011, we have heated our office building as well as our production and storage halls by a wood chip heating plant which also covers the hot water generation. The wood chips are derived from forests managed in a sustaining manner in our immediate vicinity (Hotzenwald in the Black Forest).

Environmental certification

We are recurrently certified according to ISO 14401:2009 Environment.

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