Compound foams, viscoelastic foams, melamine resin foam and also some PUR foams are excellently suited to soundproofing. They are preferred for applications in engine housings, compressor housings, maschine housings and as room insulation. Depending on the type of material, frequencies from 500 to +1200 Hertz are absorbed.

Our sound-absorbing foams:

  • Convoluted foam Collar® Noppe
  • Compound foam DIM EsCoBis ® 
  • Melamine resin foam DIM BTS
  • Pyramid foam melamine resin DIM BTS 
  • PUR foam Collar® 2315

are particularly well suited for recording studios and emission insulation in machine construction.

  • Viscoelastic foams Collar® Visco  

for particulary sophisticated soundproofing, offers an outstanding improvement of acoustics in halls and rooms.

We will be pleased to offer advice and prepare a quotation without any obligation for you. Contact us immediately and request standard samples free of charge.


  • Soundproofing
  • Sound-absorbing walls in acoustic rooms
  • Recording studios
  • Improvement of acoustics
  • Machine housing
  • engine housing
  • compressor housing

Product types:

  • Rolls
  • Plates
  • Cuts
  • Strips
  • Punched Parts
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives


    Convoluted foam Colllar® Noppe 

    Convoluted foam Collar® Noppe in different sizes (cone height and type). Be it for recording studios, soundproofing in workshops and garages, sound insulation in machine and plant construction or simply for your home cinema. You can make use of convoluted foam based on polyurethane in many different ways and cut it as needed - or we supply custom-fit material.                                                                      

    Melamine resin foam DIM BTS

    A very light material excellently suited to acoustic and thermal insulation, absorbs low frequencies, is flame resistant.

    Pyramid foam Melamine resin foam DIM BTS 

    Very light tare weight, flame resistant, very high sound absorption in recording studios and halls or large rooms.

    PUR foam Collar® 2334 FR (flame-retarded) and 2607

    Flame-retarding, acoustic and thermal insulation, recommended for ventilation pipes, absorbs particularly low frequencies.

    Compound foam  DIM EsCoBis®

    We produce compound foams DIM EsCoBis® consisting of a high portion of recycled foam flakes (polyurethane foam). Under compression, the binding process produces a new material with its own property profile which, for example, provides extremely high stability and is distinguished by good impact absorption and attenuation properties. 

    Viscoelastic foam Collar® Visco 65180  

    For particularly sophisticated soundproofing, the viscoelastic foam offers an outstanding improvement of acoustics in halls and rooms.

    PUR foam Collar® 2315 FR (flame-retarded)

    Is used for noise protection in machine housings, for mechanical damping, resistant to certain sovents.


    Technical data

    Product Density (kg / m³) DIN 53420 Compression hardness (kPa) DIN 53571 colour
    Collar® 2254 Noppe 25/25 25 4 anthracite
    DIM EsCoBis® 80 80 7-12 mixed
    DIM EsCoBis® 120 120 12-23 mixed
    DIM EsCoBis® 160 160 30-60 mixed
    Collar® Visco 65180 65 14 grey
    DIM BTS 8-11 6-20 white, grey
    Pyramid foam DIM BTS 8-11 6-20 white, grey
    PUR foam Collar® 2315 P FR 31 5 dark grey
    PUR foam Collar® 2334 FR 33 3,8 grey
    PUR foam Collar®2607 60 7 anthracite
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