Absorbent Pads DIM Premium

Closed absorbent pads (no oppen edges)

to package foodstuff in the self-service area - meat, poultry, fish, fruit

in plastic trays or MAP trays.

Our patented closed DIM Premium absorbent pads:

  • With the highest hygiene standard
  • Absorbent core of tested airlaid
  • Foil conforming to food law covering all sides with only one weld seam
  • Liquid absorption through foil perforation
  • iquid remains securely enclosed
  • High absorption of liquid due to patented procedure
  • Large active absorption areas (no seam protrusion in lateral edges)
  • Safe detection of cross seams - important for automatic roll processing
  • High useful life of blades due to clean foil cut - no dust generation
  • Approved and certified for use in the foods industry

The core of our patented absorbent pads consists of airlaid and is enclosed by a perforated foil conforming to food law and longitudinally secured by one weld seam. The liquid absorbed via the perforated foil is thus securely enclosed.

Our patented Premium "New Generation" closed absorbent pads constitute the perfect solution in this respect.

The meat pads, fish pads and fruit pads have been certified for use in the foodstuff industry.

You are on the safe side with the DIM Premium patented absorbent pads covered on al sides. Absorber fibres cannot get to the foodstuff since the core of airlaid is absolutely safely enclosed by a foil with only one weld seam. Trust in the experience an know-how of decades in the production of absorbent pads!

Absorbent pads absorb and bind liquids from foodstuff like meat, poultry, fish, fruit or salad. This does not only serve an appealing presentation but, in particular, increased hygiene and thus a longer shelf life of the product to be packed.

You don`t find the absorbent pad you need? Talk to us - we will help you!

We provide

  • Cuts
    Formats: 85 x 145 mm or 105 x 145 mm

Absorption capabilities

  • 30 – 50 ml/pad 
  • Further absorption capahibilities upon request                                                                    


  • white, black
  • Further colours upon request

Technical data

Product Formats mm Absorption capabilities ml/m2 +/- 15 %) Colour
DIM Premium S 301 G 85 x 145 mm 30 ml/Pad white, black
DIM Premium S 401 G 85 x 145 mm 40 ml/Pad white, black
DIM Premium S 501 G 85 x 145 mm 50 ml/Pad white, black
DIM Premium S 401 G 105 x 145 mm 40 ml/Pad white, black
DIM Premium S 501 G 105 x 145 mm 50 ml/Pad white, black

Further absorptive capacities are available upon request!

We will be pleased to offer advice and prepare a quotation without any obligation for you. Contact us immediately and request standard samples free of charge.

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