Absorbent pads


Absorbent pads absorb and bind liquids from foodstuff like meat, poultry, fish, fruit or salad.

This does not only serve an appealing presentation but, in particular, increased hygiene and thus a longer shelf life of the product to be packed. Our cut absorbent pads are also perfectly suited as absorbing and padding packaging pads for the dispatch/storage of pharmaceutical products.

Choosed from our cut DIM Eco absorbent pads and our patented closed DIM Premium absorbent pads:

  • Cut absorbent pads

    Cut absorbent pads

    With our DIM Eco cut absorbent pads featuring a pure tissue core and laminated with foil conforming to food law, you are on the safe side.

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  • Closed absorbent pads

    Closed absorbent pads

    Our patented Premium "New Generation" closed absorbent pads constitute the perfect solution in this respect. Attractive presentation and optimum hygiene for your product!

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