Foam suitcase inserts

Customized, individually adapted to your products and needs!

Custom-fit foam inserts for any suitcase, box, container, carton or case, are available from us tailored to your product and requirements. Our large-volume foam stock guarantees a variety of immediately available high-quality foams in many attractive colors.

With us you are in good hands, we advise, develop and accompany you from the beginning of the project to the manufacturing and shipping of the product.


  • Case inserts
  • Box inserts
  • Container inserts
  • Carton inserts
  • Foam pads for wooden boxes
  • Tool inserts
  • Inlays for presentation packaging
  • Foam inlays for industrial instrument cases


  • Contour cutting
  • CNC cutting
  • CNC milling (3D)
  • Shape punching
  • Drilling
  • Splitting
  • Gluing
  • Welding
  • Laminating


  • Selection depending on intended use and field of application

Custom foam case inserts for complete protection and perfect presentation!

Instruments, tools, measuring devices, fittings - many things that are transported or stored require appropriate protection. Foam case inserts provide this protection comprehensively and perfectly. Foam case inserts and displays have also proven their worth for presentation purposes. For this purpose, a large foam assortment is available in many attractive colors.

With more than 80 years of experience, W. Dimer GmbH ensures that your product, tool or instrument will survive even the toughest handling, for example in shipping, without damage.

Our foam case inserts are designed according to your requirements and demands. A careful material selection is made - depending on the intended use and application. Our box inserts can be designed in multiple layers. In this way, it is possible to transport related system parts or fittings of an assembly together. .

With the versatile foam box inserts from W. Dimer GmbH, there is a suitable solution for practically every requirement.

We manufacture both small and large series, one-offs or even prototypes and samples. Simply request a non-binding quotation from our competent technical consultants.

We are also your reliable partner when it comes to complete solutions. We carry a wide range of cases to match the individually manufactured foam insert.