Sound insulation for machines, motor vehicles and rooms

Our custom foam and melamine foam sound absorbers are ideal for dampening or isolating noise and reverberation.

Composite foams, viscoelastic foams, melamine resin foams and also some PUR foams are excellent for sound insulation.

Preferred for use in engine housings, compressor housings, machine housings and as room insulation. Depending on the type of texture, vibration ranges from 500 to +1200 Hertz are absorbed.


Our sound absorbing foams:

  • Nubbed foam Collar® Nub
  • Composite foam DIM EsCoBis ®
  • Melamine foam DIM BTS
  • Pyramid foam melamine resin DIM BTS
  • PUR foam Collar® 2315

are particularly suitable for sound studios and for emission control in mechanical engineering.

  • Viscoelastic foam Collar® Visco 

is suitable for particularly demanding sound insulation, outstanding acoustic improvement in halls and rooms.


  • Sound insulation applications in
  • Sound studios
  • Machine housings
  • Engine housings
  • Production halls
  • Acoustic improvement
  • Sound barriers in acoustic rooms


Delivery forms

  • Rollers
  • Plates
  • Blanks
  • Strips
  • Die-cuts
  • Self-adhesive versions

Properties of our sound insulation foams:

Nubbed Foam Collar® Nub

Nubbed foam Collar® Nub in varying thickness (nap height and nap shape) is used as sound insulation for the recording studio and rehearsal rooms, in workshops and garages, for sound insulation in mechanical and plant engineering or simply for the home theater.

Nubbed foam

Compound foams DIM EsCoBis®

Compound foams DIM EsCoBis® are made of recycled PUR or latex foams. They are resistant to high compressive loads and, due to their high density, provide exceptional sound insulation, ideal for impact sound, structure-borne sound and for use in machine enclosures.

Compound foams

Melamine foam DIM BTS

Melamine foam DIM BTS is a very light material excellent for acoustic and thermal insulation, absorbs low frequencies, flame retardant.

Melamine foam

Viscoelastic foam Collar® Visco 65180

Viscoelastic foam Collar® Visco 65180 for particularly demanding sound insulation, viscoelastic foam offers outstanding acoustic improvement in halls and large rooms. It was developed to improve speech intelligibility in large halls. When noise occurs, the higher frequencies are absorbed more strongly. Thus, a room equipped in such a way, a pleasantly muffled sound, completely free of reverberation and almost without background noise, absorbs all frequency ranges.

Viscoelastic foam

Pyramid foam Melamine resin foam DIM BTS

Pyramid foam Melamine resin foam DIM BTS is a very light weight, flame retardant, very high sound absorption in sound studios and halls or large rooms. Other dimensions/materials on request.

Pyramid foam Melamine resin foam

PUR foam

PUR foam Collar® 2315 FR (flame retardant)

is used for sound insulation in machine housings, for mechanical damping, resistant to certain solvents.

PUR foam Collar® 2334 FR (flame retardant) and 2607

Flame retardant finish, acoustic and thermal insulation, recommended for ventilation pipes, absorbs particularly low frequencies.

PUR foam

Technical data

Product Bulk density (kg / m³) DIN 53420 Upset hardness (kPa) DIN 53571 Colors
Collar® 2254 Noppe 25/25 25 4 anthracite
DIM EsCoBis® 80 80 7-12 mixed
DIM EsCoBis® 120 120 12-23 mixed
DIM EsCoBis® 160 160 30-60 mixed
Collar® Visco 65180 65 14 gray
DIM BTS 8-11 6-20 white,gray
Pyramid foam DIM BTS 8-11 6-20 white,gray
PUR foam Collar® 2315 P FR 31 5 dark gray
PUR foam Collar® 2334 FR 33 3,8 gray
PUR foam Collar®2607 60 7 anthracite

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