Melamine resin foam DIM BTS

Melamine resin foam DIM BTS is a flexible, open-celled foam with excellent properties based on melamine resin.

Due to its high sound absorption capabilities and safe fire behaviour, it is used in soundproofing in buildings (acoustic plates "pyramid foam", partition walls) just as in heat insulation and soundproofing in plant and machine construction, the automotive industry (engine housings) and in aircraft construction.

Maintaining its properties across a wide temperature range Melamine resin foam DIM BTS is flame resistant as well as abrasive and highly temperature resistant. The open-celled foam structure makes it light (8-11kg/m3), sound absorbent, flexible and heat isulating also in low temperatures.


  • High sound absorption
  • Good heat insulating properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • Flame resistant
  • Low weight (8-11 kg/m3)
  • Free of mineral fibres

Technical data

Product Density (kg / m³) DIN 53420 Compression hardness (kPa) DIN 53571 Colour
DIM BTS 8-11 6-20 white, grey
Melaminharzschaum DIM BTS - Pyramidenschaum
Melaminharzschaum DIM BTS - Pyramidenschaum
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