Areas of application

  • Foodstuff


    We produce absorbent pads to pack self-service meat, poultry, fish, fruit and salad individually in different formats, absorption capabilities and colours.

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  • Pharmaceuticals


    Absorbing packaging and padding inlays, foam stoppers, filler stoppers, foam cylinders, etc.

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  • Medical engineering

    Medical engineering

    individual packaging and engineering parts

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  • Electronic industry

    Electronic industry

    We produce individual packaging items, technical parts as well as custom-fit foam inserts for cases and containers

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  • Automotive industry

    Automotive industry

    We produce individual engineering parts and seals, soundproofing and heat insulation as well as packaging.

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  • Machine and tool construction

    Machine and tool construction

    individual packaging items, engineering parts, load carriers as well as cases and containers with custom fit foam inserts for machine and tool construction

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  • Packaging industry

    Packaging industry

    We produce individual PE and PUR packaging items, case inserts, toothed strips, PE foam foils, edge protection and distance pads.

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  • Transport & logistics

    Transport & logistics

    individual foam packaging products, thoothed strips for load carriers, pallet cover sheets, edge protection profiles, etc.

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  • Filter technology

    Filter technology

    filter inserts, air-conditioning and ventilation technology, water filters, dust filters, air filters, filters for ponds, HiFi filters

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  • Medicine & Dental

    Medicine & Dental

    We produce individual patient napkins and cleaning cloths of cellulose wadding.

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  • Furniture industry

    Furniture industry

    Individual custom parts of compound foam for the upholstery and office furniture industry (office chairs) as well as for the gymnastic equipment industry.

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  • Coffin linings - coffin inlays

    Coffin linings - coffin inlays

    with different designs, laminations

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