Cross-linked PE foam DIM Z PE / Velvia®

Polyethylene foam is divided into cross-linked PE foam and non-cross-linked PE foam.

In crosslinked PE foam (chemically or physically crosslinked), the polymer chains are chemically linked to each other at specific points and form a three-dimensional network. Our DIM Z PE is chemically crosslinked and our Velvia® is physically crosslinked.

Cross-linked PE foam has a fine, regular and closed cell structure.

The closed-cell structure provides excellent heat and cold insulation properties. In addition, cross-linked PE foam cannot absorb water. Different color variations make it particularly attractive to design and it has a smooth surface.


Cross-linked PE foam is especially used for presentation packaging, for e.g. watches, jewelry and tools.

The material is also extremely popular for custom-made case inserts with milling or punching, as its fine structure makes it ideal for processing. Two-tone designs make case inserts, foam inserts and foam packaging look even better and show off your high-quality products to their best advantage. We offer you a wide variety of colors. We produce small and large series, but also individual designs are possible. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


  • Packing
  • Technical packing
  • Electrical and electronic packaging
  • Tool trolley inserts
  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation
  • Household appliances industry
  • Construction industry
  • Case inserts
  • Seals
  • Medical application
  • Gymnastic mats, fall protection mats
  • Seat cushions (for yoga, stadium)

Delivery forms

  • Blocks
  • Plates
  • Blanks
  • Strips
  • Stamped parts
  • Milled parts
  • Shaped parts
  • Self-adhesive versions
  • Antistatic versions
  • Electrically conductive versions
  • Flame retardant versions

Technical data

Product Bulk density (kg / m³) ISO 845/*7214 Upset hardness (kPa) at 25% upset, ISO 3386-1/*7214 Colors
DIM Z PE 2254 25 42 anthracite, white
DIM Z PE 2286 Ry 28 55 anthracite
DIM Z PE 2334 AS, antistatic 33 48 pink
DIM Z PE 2336 33 48 anthracite, gray, black, white, blue, green, red, yellow
DIM Z PE 2354 FR, with flame retardant treatment 35 46 anthracite
DIM Z PE 23556 Q Bio 37 59 green, other colors also available
DIM Z PE 2356 QP 37 62 anthracite, white, red, yellow, green, blue
DIM Z PE 2357 Q EL 37 50 anthracite,
DIM ZE PE 2457 with EVA polymers 45 35 black, white
DIM Z PE 2459 45 76 anthracite, gray black, white, blue, green, red, yellow
DIM Z PE 26012 60 120 anthracite, white
DIM Z PE 2603 with EPDM content 60 30 black
DIM Z PE 210018 100 180 anthracite, white
DIM Z PE 212023 120 230 anthracite, white
DIM Z PE 220030 200 450 anthracite, white
Velvia® 2153 15* 43 anthracite, white
Velvia® 2243 FR, with flame retardant treatment 24* 51* anthracite
Velvia® DF2288 28 50 anthracite, light gray, white, blue, green, red, yellow
Velvia® 2296 29* 62* anthracite, white
Velvia® 2409 EL, electrically conductive 40 57 black
Velvia® 2455 FR, with flame retardant treatment 45* 88* anthracite
Velvia® 25015 50 110 anthracite
Velvia® 26019 60 150 black

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