Cellular rubber

Cellular rubber (also known colloquially as sponge rubber) is a closed-cell elastomer and is used for sealing, insulation, insulating and shock absorption.

We supply cellular rubber EPDM, NR, NBR, SBR, CR in numerous designs according to your individual specifications:

  • Plates
  • Blanks
  • Stamped parts
  • Milled parts
  • Strips
  • If required, all delivery forms also in self-adhesive versions

Thanks to its nature, our cellular rubber is versatile, e.g. as:

  • Gasket
  • Shock absorption
  • Packing cushion
  • Intermediate insert for scratch-sensitive objects
  • Edge protection 

in the branches

  • Automotive industry & automotive supply industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Technical trade
  • Packaging and transport

Technical data

Product Basic material Shore hardness 00 Colors
DIM ZK EPDM 2604 EPDM 40 +/- 5 black
DIM ZK EPDM 2752 EPDM 15 - 25 black
DIM ZK EPDM 2951 EPDM - black
DIM ZK EPDM 21001 OZ EPDM, open-pored 10 +/- 3 black
DIM ZK EPDM 21005 EPDM 50 +/- 5 gray
DIM ZK EPDM 21104 EPDM 25 - 45 black
DIM ZK NR 21105 NR / SBR 55 +/- 5 black
DIM ZK EPDM 21204 EPDM 40 +/- 5 beige
DIM ZK EPDM 21205 EPDM 50 +/- 5 black
DIM ZK EPDM 21305 EPDM 55 +/- 5 black
DIM ZK EPDM 21305 EPDM 50 +/- 5 beige, for food FDA,usable
DIM ZK EPDM 21606 EPDM 60 +/- 5 black
DIM ZK CR 21505 CR / NBR 50 +/- 5 black
DIM ZK NR 23205 NR / SBR 55 +/- 5 black
DIM ZK NR 21804 NBR / SBR 45 +/- 20 black
DIM ZK NBR 21505 NBR 40-55 black
DIM ZK EPDM 21404 EPDM 40 +/-20 black
DIM ZK EPDM 21754 EPDM 30-50 black

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