• PE foam & Pe foam foils

    PE foam & Pe foam foils

    can be used in packaging, electropackaging, for inserts, padding, soundproofing, sealing or insolation.

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  • Cross-linked PE foam

    Cross-linked PE foam

    Cross-linked PE foam has a fine, regular and closed-cell structure and cannot absorb any water.

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  • PUR foam

    PUR foam

    PUR foam Collar ® ist suitable for impact-absorbing packaging, case inserts, seals, soundproofing, etc. - individual production

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  • PUR rigid foams / Elastomere

    PUR rigid foams / Elastomere

    PUR elastomers distinguish themselves by a high degree of resistance and durability.

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  • Filter foam

    Filter foam

    Filter foam is an open-cell polyurethane foam on basis of polyether/polyester.

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  • Convoluted foam

    Convoluted foam

    Convoluted foam in different sizes is used for noise protection and packaging.

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  • Sponge foam

    Sponge foam

    for cleaning sponges, car sponge, painter supplies, stamp pads, etc.

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  • Compound foam

    Compound foam

    Compound foams have an extremely high stability, good impact absorption and insulation properties, ideal for packaging, soundproofing.

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  • Melamine resin foam

    Melamine resin foam

    A very light material excellently suited to acoustic and thermal insulation, is flame resistant

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  • PA foam

    PA foam

    excellent temperature resistance, high swelling resistance against fuels and oils, a good resistance against chemicals

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  • Cubed foam

    Cubed foam

    Any cavity can be individually broken out of the cubed foam and adjusted to its proper size,

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  • Visco foam

    Visco foam

    Viscoelastic foam is permanently elastic and of high density.

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  • Cellular rubber

    Cellular rubber

    Cellular ruber is a closed cell elastomer used for sealing, insulating and for impact absorption.

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  • Cellulose wadding, tissue

    Cellulose wadding, tissue

    Absorbing packaging and padding inlays for foodstuff industry and pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Fleece


    for dust & liquid filters, air-conditioning & ventilation engineering

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  • Bubble wrap

    Bubble wrap

    Storage and transport protection, impact absorption by air bubbles.

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